Paranormal Investigation Experience

The Tour

Brave souls who need more than a story and want the opportunity to do some serious ghost hunting at Port Arthur can join us on our exciting new adults-only, late night Paranormal Investigation Experience.

Our Paranormal Investigation Experience allows visitors to conduct their own paranormal investigations with the assistance of ghost hunting equipment throughout various buildings at the Port Arthur Historic Site.

Our experienced tour guide will brief participants on use of the test equipment prior to leading them out onto the Site to explore and take readings. Buildings visited include the Commandants Cottage, Separate Prison, Visiting Magistrates House, Parsonage (reputedly one of the most haunted buildings in Australia) and our Church. The tour includes a light supper and a memento of your experience.

The Paranormal Investigation Experience allows participants to take readings and measurements and provides the opportunity to judge for themselves whether the ghost stories are true. The tours will also contribute valuable information to our extensive database of paranormal activity.

The History

The history of ghostly sightings at Port Arthur goes back to the late 1800’s when the writer George Gruncell wrote of a number of strange events that occurred at the Parsonage in the 1870s.

“The Hayward family had been visiting Melbourne and the Reverend Hayward had hurried back leaving his family to follow. One night after his return, the doctor at the settlement, seeing lights from the upstairs rooms of the Parsonage, thought that the parson’s wife and children had returned.

When he went to welcome them home, he found only the Reverend Hayward and a servant. No one had been upstairs and when the rooms were inspected they were found to be in darkness. But others in the settlement had also seen the lights and assumed that the family had returned.”

Today, the Port Arthur Historic Site is believed by many to be one of the most haunted places in Australia, as the many thousands who have experienced our Ghost Tour would probably agree.


The Details

Each tour is limited to just 20 people and the investigation experience starts late and lasts approximately four hours, with start times varying throughout the year. The tour finishes early in the morning, around 2am, so it is advisable to book local accommodation. The Port Arthur Historic Sites can arrange accommodation bookings on your behalf.


The Paranormal Investigation Experience is conducted monthly on the last Saturday of every month, or may be booked as an exclusive group tour on request with advance notice.


The tour commences late and lasts approximately 4 hours.

Warning 18+

This tour is not suitable for anyone under 18 years. Proof of age may be requested.


Please contact our Visitor Services team for bookings or more information – 1800 659 101 (a free call from within Australia) or +61 3 6251 2310 from overseas, or book online now via the links on this page.

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