Planning a School Visit

Helpful hints for a successful school visit

Depending on the nature of your visit – study or fun, contact the Education Officer to discuss how to get the most out of your time at the site. We have many classroom lesson plans and resources which may be obtained for use before or after your visit.

If you have been travelling for a long time, stuck on a bus or in a plane, consider using the two full days to which your ticket entitles you and stay overnight nearby. Our ticketing staff will be able to inform you of accommodation to suit your needs.  It is a huge site and there is a lot to see and do. Your visit will be more enjoyable and everyone will get more from the experience by being well rested!

When bringing your own food, please remember we are unable to store it on-site. It is best to leave it in your transport if you can or to order lunch from our cafe.

Remember, the site is HUGE! There is a lot to see and do so it is important to plan your time with us well and don’t forget that our Education Officer is only too happy to assist in the planning process.

School visit planning resources

The resources below have been provided to help you plan a successful school visit to the Port Arthur Historic Sites.