Port Arthur Memories Revisited

Port Arthur Memories

On the weekend of 20-21 October, 2012, the Port Arthur Historic Site hosted an event to remember and celebrate Port Arthur’s post-convict heritage and the people associated with it, by acknowledging their contribution and embracing and looking forward to the future of Port Arthur and the region.

Port Arthur Memories Revisited was a two day event with a focus on the post-convict era incorporating the themes of sport and recreation, industries, tourism, the township and school, and families. It was undertaken by a volunteer sub-committee of the PAHSMA Community Advisory Committee (PCAC) including community residents.

Bringing People Together

Providing an opportunity to bring people together again and to think about and remember times when they lived, worked, visited and camped at Port Arthur, the event included a range of activities such as a celebratory dinner, a special Harbour Cruise on the Marana and the opening of a display in the celebrating the post-convict era history of Port Arthur.

The programme included the official launch of a Post Convict exhibition in the Parsonage, a display in the Asylum, a short play written for the event, house tours preceded by a High Tea in the Visiting Magistrate’s House, the Tasmania Police Pipe Band, activities for children, a sheepdog trial, a gourmet BBQ and a cruise around the bay on the Marana to finish the weekend’s activities.

Perhaps you once lived in one of the houses on site at Port Arthur, or camped here as a child and have fond memories of your stay? Or you once worked here as a member of the local Council when it’s administrative centre was what is now the Asylum. You may also have gone to school or played sport here or been employed as a staff member during the Port Arthur Conservation Project in the early 1980s.

Please Share Your Memories with Us

Though the event has been and gone, and whatever your memories or connections may be with Port Arthur, we are still interested in making contact with those who may have memories or memorabilia relating to living, working or visiting here.

If you have any queries email or phone (03) 6251 2326.