What we do – Interpretation

At Port Arthur, the Introductory Tour provides a basic overview of the main messages of the site and its history.  Visitors can find out more through participation in a range of other activities and tours. A number of different types of approaches are available to meet different interests – including signs, spoken word and publications, through to plays, art, sound, film and participation in archaeological excavations.

The Coal Mines Historic Site offers visitors an opportunity to explore at their own pace. The serene bushland setting is punctuated by the remains of structures and echoes of stories from the past, woven through the landscape.

Our approach extends beyond the landscapes of the Port Arthur Historic Sites to provide an understanding of the places that looks at their wider historical, geographical and social contexts.

Our interpretation is based on sound, contemporary and scholarly research and encompasses historic activities, structures, places and landscapes. It includes a regular program of audience research in order to ensure we continue to offer the best experiences for visitors.